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Could you let me know views on the pullout awning and brand & hope this isn't a dumb question ( might be!) I want to buy a drive away awning but images show VW which has sliding door on other side VangaCove says that you will always be facing the view - does that mean there is the potential to attach it on both sides? Is there any thing extra I should be checking out on awnings for MP compared to VW
Hoping that I have managed to post 8 images this morning, Pete - via my iphone.
Frank Tucker
2019 Blue Marco Polo Sports full camper for sale - £55,000 - images added by Polo Pete, but even I cannot find the advert on Vehicles for sale!
Goodness knows how anyone else might find it...... please check & advise. Thx. Frank T
hi just wondering if anyone can help me ,picking my new marco polo up this saturday ,have had to do the mercedes 7 day free insurance as struggling to get cover , anyone had the same problem or can point me in the right direction as to who to contact for a good deal ,any help would be much great thank you
Hi I used Quote me Happy (Aviva) around £250 fully comprehensive
i used Adrain Flux.. they were more expensive that £250 but they covered things like drive away awnings,
I just found a camping store 15 minutes from home in the Province of Padova in NE Italy's Veneto Region (not far from Venice); nice old school kind of place with everything. Picked up an external electric hook up, the butane gas bottle (filled) as well as a mattress topper and other bits and pieces. Very user friendly:
Beautiful area. Travelled it once in an old beat up Peugeot sedan and a leaky pop up tent. I’m it’ll be extremely comfortable in the Marco Polo. Enjoy!,,
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