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    alistair-irvine wrote on Stephcb's profile.

Hi , Can you send me your mobile and I will give you a call later today. I am interested thanks
I bought mine in 2021 August up until now it is totally frustrating with the service for Mercedes I have also a trip round Europe in 2 weeks time!
So sorry to hear your Honeymoon was spoilt with the roof not working.I just hope this module they hope to get will fix the problem.
Hope this helps will let you know.
13 days at Mercedes garage still no Module have waited 3 month so have to cancel 2 Month trip to Europe.Hope nobody has to go though with bad service on a new Marco Polo!
Hi James , 100% interested in yours too, my number is 07765556635 if you want to give me yours we can have a chat , and come to some kind of deal, I would be happy to put a holding deposit on it until you are ready to sell.
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    alistair-irvine wrote on Mike68's profile.

Hi Mike,
Yes please drop me a line and would love to see more of your van .
Please give me a call . 07765556635
Just got back home after a 2000 mile track around the Lovely Bonny Scotland, The van was a beautiful very comfortable drive. It delivered in every way I knew possible. That was till we hit -5 and ICE. We went no where for two hours, but then again I guess all vehicles would of done the same, especially rear wheel drive vehicles. Never mind we done the typical British thing and sat back and had a cuppa tea.