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  • M
    This looks like a lovely Campervan. Please can you let me know if there is a toilet fitted. Thanks Belinda
  • P
    Paxtonend replied to the thread Cali to MP.
    This does help, thank you so much. Ours will be a bit of a dog wagon too! You cant have a camper without a dog.
  • P
    Paxtonend replied to the thread Cali to MP.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. This is reassuring! Deposit due tomoz should get it by the end of April so I...
  • Jameson
    Jameson replied to the thread Cali to MP.
    Hi Paxtonend, Firrst of all wishing you a warm welcome, I think you're very lucky to get a new MB300, I asked MB of Bath to order me a...
  • V
    Vickim commented on Vickim's profile post.
    13 days at Mercedes garage still no Module have waited 3 month so have to cancel 2 Month trip to Europe.Hope nobody has to go though...
  • P
    Hi all I am so pleased to find this forum. We have been the proud owner of a top of the range beautiful VW Cali for the past 3 years...
  • Mike68
    We are selling out Marco Polo as we have a new van on the way. we are looking for £51,995 Registered December 2018, with 31,827 miles...
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    PeteS replied to the thread Coffee making on the go.
    Handpresso make a coffee machine and you can even get a Mercedes Branded one. They run off of a 12v supply just make sure you get the...
  • M
    MP Vanlife replied to the thread Wanted child safety.
    Hello. I have one available for sale. New, never used, came with MP on purchase. DM if still interested.
    LEGLESS reacted to PoloBear's post in the thread Keen to Purchase MarcoPolo 250D AMG Low Mileage with Like Like.
    Looking for a super condition low mileage MarcoPolo 250D AMG line, Cream or Black interior but preferably any external colour but Black...
  • D
    DogWagen replied to the thread Hi all.
    Welcome - with roof insulation, the MP works year-round!
  • D
    DogWagen replied to the thread Coffee making on the go.
    Aeropress does work OK but it's Mokka Pot for me (the luxury of the full-fat MP!) if you are hard-over on a Nespresso machine, there...
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    Deco reacted to Steve B's post in the thread Tiny blisters on roof with Like Like.
    Could add it to the current crop of TV commercials for diesel emissions class action :)
  • polo advantures
    polo advantures replied to the thread Coffee making on the go.
    I have a moka pot for my coffee very easy too use and makes great coffee Cheers
  • Samebutdifferent
    Samebutdifferent replied to the thread Coffee making on the go.
    Aeropress makes a decent coffee as does a dripper but it can't be described as espresso, Flair Machines definitely can produce espresso...