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The Long wait starts


New Member
Good question, we ordered 31st August and have heard nothing about a build slot as yet and were told end June latest but beginning to wonder? Can anyone help with this, as in, after 5 weeks should a build slot have been confirmed?


New Member
We have been advised build slot in January with delivery in April. However MB Corporate say the Jan Production date can still change. Experienced this before with both Volvo and Porsche on new build cars. No one ever wants to confirm dates so they can’t be held to anything if it slips


New Member
I just have a formal order form from MB and have paid a deposit. Signed the order form through the MB electronic system. The Order Form has a Sales Order number on it


New Member
Hi to all those who are new buyers or like myself new wait-ers!
Curious about lead times... I've placed an order a couple of weeks ago and have already gone from being told June to June/July. Is everyone else experiencing similar delays and does anyone have any insights as to why sooooo long?!
I ordered beginning of august and was told april delivery, so at least they are being consitent
Well after chasing my dealer up today, suddenly I have a build slot! That's the good news... Delivery date though is end July although since that's the start of the school hols it will work pretty well for us.
Not sure I can sustain this level of excitement for another 9 months!!