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Spring and Shock Absorber Lift Kit


New Member
Good day
I am a new member of this forum and in few days I will pick up my first (second hand) Marco Polo.
First a quick description of the van: Viano Marco Polo 2.2 CDI (Automatic Transmission) 4Matic from 2014.
I am jumping from a 4x4 (Landrover Defender) to this beautiful machine, however, I have a technical question regarding the spring and shock absorber setup.
I know this is not a four wheel drive system (traction 65% rear and 35% front) comparable with the full time 4wheel drive I had on my prevoius car, therefore, I have an open question for those who know better this vehicle.
Is it possible to rise, let's say by at least 5 cm, the car by installing a proper lift kit?
I am unsure if the car can be driven on unpaved road/tracks (nothing extreme) as the ground clearance is not too high.
Thank you for your advice.

Steve B

Active Member
Agree, its a bit out of my league, I was chuffed that I put non slip matting in the cupboards all by myself :). That comment was a bit tongue in cheek, I have a defender and you are constantly fixing something on it, but a great car all the same.