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Mercedes Dealers in the SW


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Can anyone recommend one of the MB dealers either in Exeter, Plymouth or Truro?

I'm not contemplating using any of them for servicing, they're all 2hr plus round trips for me, but it would be useful to know if any of the three have good knowledge of the MP, just in case I need support or if/when I have warrantee issues.


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The Plymouth site is quite small and when I was looking to browse a MP recently there wasn't any there despite being listed on the website. I suspect this is because they are all under the MBSW banner and stock is distributed to Plymouth on demand basis. However I did used to have my company car MBs serviced there and they were very good in that respect.

Ended up purchasing from Exeter which is a much larger site. They have a new guy there who seems to have been tasked with the MP knowledge share - still getting up to speed but very helpful (as he should be of course working in sales). Been a good experience so far.
Grand Tourismo

Grand Tourismo

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I bought an MP from Exeter last weekThey are helpful and working up their knowledge base. Francesca and John-Paul seem to be the staff to talk to.
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