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Whirring noise

Hi everyone. We have a 68 plate MP which has a very loud whirring type of noise coming from the compartment next to where the gas bottle goes. Could be a fan or something that won't switch off but never heard it before. It has been 36 hours now since it started and is audible from outside the van. I've booked it in to Mercedes Newcastle but quickest appointment is a week tomorrow. Any ideas and also maybe how to stop it please?


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A quick search will reveal that this issue has been discussed and resolved on here a few times before


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It might be the air on settings for the rear of the vehicle. There are fans in the rear 1/4 by the tailgate. Controls are in the air on menu some where. Sorry I can’t remember exactly.


Check the sink faucet, carwash boys fiddle with mine turning the water pump on. Push the faucet down completely to turn it off. Mine was on for almost 24-hours. Seems OK now.


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I put a velcro band between the sink tap and the lever to make sure I don't accidentally switch on the tap and the pump (whirring noise). Important as one would not want to burn out the water pump when the tank is empty.


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One of the threads is titled “air con makes back of the van hotter “another is “noisy fan in rear cupboard”.

Do you still get the noise after the ignition key has been removed for some time and with the vehicle locked?

If it’s continuous and does not stop it could eventually flatten the battery and/or burn something out.

If Mercedes can’t help you for a week, you could try locating the fuse allocation from the on line manual and remove/replace one at a time starting with what you think are the most likely culprits. (Guide, Marco Polo, Electrical system, Replacing fuses)

Re sink tap, it seems to be a good idea to put a strong rubber band ( or Velcro as suggested by APL 46)) over the tap to keep it closed when there is no water in the tank

Good luck keep us posted.
Good news. It was the tap, the switch had moved back to the right and that was the noise. I've taped the switch and tap together so it can't happen in future. Thank you everyone for your advice.