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Which Awning

jeff porter

New Member
Hi i have looked at the new shop and am after a largish air awning for planned F1 trips for next year, when i view the shop ads it says left hand only, my question is would these fit the right hand door polo (obviously will have awning door on other end i presume not as pic shown) and more importantly how is it fitted to van side if so? i have the standard side canopy blind fitted? Some advice would be good please before i invest a hefty amount? was after an air awning which i presume you inflate the structure? (novice here but not thick!!)

any help grateful which ones would fit etc and ease of putting up pls.

Many thanks Jeff


New Member
VIP Member
We have the Vango Rhône low awning and are very pleased with it. You will need 6mm to 6mm kardor strip to attach to the awning of your MP. Videos on YouTube reckon on 15 minutes to erect but usually takes us longer! Because it is the more superior polyester fabric the bag is heavy. We also have the smaller Vango Kela for shorter trips or where there is less space.