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What to look out for when buying a second hand MP?


New Member
Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum.
I have owned a VW T2 years ago and have had use of a T4 more recently.

I'm now looking at buying my own transport and am looking at a 1999 Vito 110D 2.3l MP (that's all my budget runs to at the moment).
It supposedly has 282,000 km.

Is there anything(s) I should be aware of / check before buying?
What are the known issues?

Thank you all in advance.

Steve B

Active Member
Hello Mario and welcome; most people on here have the newer model but there are a few with the older version who may be able to help. Good luck with your potential purchase


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Hello and welcome Mario.
There are some Vito based Marco Polo owners on the Marco Polo group on Facebook if you use it.
As with any older vehicle corrosion could be a problem. Have a good look underneath and take a magnet to check for filler.
Good luck!


Active Member
Hello and welcome Mario,

I would suggest looking carefully at the service history, particularly at that mileage. The mileage in itself shouldn't be an issue of it has been maintained correctly but worth checking thoroughly