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Three weeks old


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Just finished a three week warm up in our new Marco Polo here in Portugal.

Bought the 4matic and off road steel rims and already we have experienced some tricky roads in wild camping.

Some extras I would highly recommend:
10m hose
Ramps to level van
Rubber mat for the interior
Rubber mat for the exterior
Collapsible crates for flexible storage
Small whisk broom
Power strip for charging in campgrounds
Multiple USB to lighter jack for charging multiple devices on the road
Collapsible 2.5 gallon jug for auxiliary water while wild camping
20 year old port for medicinal purposes
Mosquito net kit for rear and side door from Westfalia
Porta Potti 335 cube - works like a charm
Shower accessory - very useful in cleaning grille and the dog
Lotus grill - complete with glass lid, grill scrubber, gel starter and matches.

We did not opt for the chairs and table as they take up valuable space. Instead bought collapsible chairs from REI and roll-up table from Amazon.

Also we carry a collapsible crate and bed for the dog when we use the mosquito nets.

Heading to Galicia next.....see you there!

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good post thanks. any update now you've had a bit longer?


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good post thanks. any update now you've had a bit longer?
Since that post we have travelled over 50,000 km - to Sicília and back, Scotland, England, Wales and back and numerous smaller trips to France, Spain and Switzerland and of course all through Portugal, camping wild most of the time.

We have made the one free maintenance, just a month ago. Have been back to Benz for several repairs, mostly dealing with the Westfalia conversion, broken drawers, etc.

We have had one mandatory recall from Mercedes - for the mattress, which they replaced, during the scheduled maintenance.

The van came with Hankook summer tires (tyres) and we wore those out after 40,000 km. Now have Conti all weather which should fare better.

Overall, it’s been a great ride. The electronics get a little weird at times - the lights comes on over the stove when making espresso every morning, for instance, but a reboot usually fixes it. It’s a Benz, after all.

I see very few Marco Polos on the road, many Californias. Having rented the California, I’m glad we bought the MP. Hope to see more!

Heading to Chamonix in a month for some snowshoeing. Glad for the M/S shoes and 4matic.

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