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Spare wheel carrier installation

Re; 2010 type 639 MP.

I apologise, I am not a man of few words, please humour me

Background, Marco (I’m sorry, not original albeit it is to us) our first camper, looking for an element of adventure, not necessarily on nicely manicured campsites, retired, of the old school and know there is much to know that we don’t know, quite a mix!
As a Christmas present to ourselves, we bought Marco and thus left home on Boxing
Day and enjoyed 4 nights in freezing conditions but snug and warm, sleeping in the poptop (the ‘penthouse’) and had a GREAT ‘first time’ experience.
From that initial baptism we realised that staying in the controlled safety of campsites would give us the opportunity to gently ease ourselves into our new lifestyle and would give us the opportunity to begin to learn what we knew we needed to know...we learned a lot.Back to base, a few tweaks, some things added,some removed,off again. This exercise was repeated several times, each time using different types of campsites ie, with hookups, no hookups, full facilities and limited facilities, hard standing, gravel, and grass, etc,etc, one hell of a learning curve but well worth the effort.
Having addressed the ‘living’ issues we then looked at the vehicle. We knew the MP was a reliable vehicle having looked, read, studied and visited every magazine, website, exhibition, dealership available together with advice and experience of many friends, family and any other poor sod we stumbled upon. Overall, an excellent vehicle EXCEPT in the event of a puncture or damaged tyre/wheel. Okay when in the UK, just ring the relevant breakdown service, wait till they arrive, explain the problem, no language barrier ...Job Done which eventually brings me to my last...
Given that we plan to spend most of each year abroad (we love the sun) what do we do.
No spare wheel, carrier, lifting jack or wheel wrench just a can of compressed air mixed with glue.
I appreciate that the tyre etc has been sacrificed for weight but in the back end of beyond I would gladly swap weight issues for a spare wheel. SO! Can we retro fit?The space is there, is it doable, what parts are required, can I do it myself, (I’m pretty handy with a spanner and my friend is a mechanic) or do I have to take Marco to a Mercedes garage and pay an eye watering amount over and above the cost for the privilege.
If you haven’t dropped off and think I’m a pratt you’re probably right, my friends would agree but having been a Boy Scout I still follow the motto, BE PREPARED and at my age I need to be

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The new vans come with a spare wheel and all the bits. I think Bilbo's were agents for the early Westfalia MP, why not ask them about parts and a retro fit?