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RUSTi is here...


New Member
Named after Marco Polo's co-author, Rustichello da Pizza, RUSTi has finally arrived and is everything we'd hoped. The Indium grey I agonised over but is wonderful, changing hues according to the light, it merges into the background as a bird-hide or for stealth camping. The diesel night heater is amazing, to wake up to the sound of it firing up and poke your toes out from under the duvet into the warm air stream is lovely on a chilly morning.

The leisure battery seems to last very well with the fridge on and the heater timed twice a day. I’m living in it off grid during the week while lecturing at the university and loving every moment.

Mercedes Benz of Bath were both professional and fun to deal with throughout and I’d highly recommend them. The advice and information here on the forum was very helpful in making sound decisions and with our first trip away to the wash birdwatching next week we'll post some images on our return.