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rear wiper spontaneous on, not not working


New Member
Hello fellow Tec heads,
Our 2004 Viano has a rather strange issue. One day the rear wiper just started to wipe, and I had to remove the 30A fuse to top it.
After a few days I replace the fuse (cause it finally stopped raining) and it work again as normal. This morning, it started to move, then stop and it is dead. Fuse is OK.
Anyone else experience this and possibly have a solution?

I was thinking either: a relay is bad (which one $ ), defective rear wire unit ($$) or MCU (since it seems to control everything $$$). Any tips would be grateful. I like to fix things myself cause it's very rewarding and saved money I can spend on other things for the Van.
There are several U Tube vids mentioning that for Vito's the water gets into the wirer motor assembly and shorts it out. Before I tear the whole back apart to see I'm really hoping a simple relay could do the trick.

Many thanks to any and all suggestions.
Sincerely yours,
The Dutch Yankee


Active Member
I can't really advise on your specific issue but if it were me I'd follow the usual electrical diagnosis of starting the most likely and cheap (relay) and gradually ticking off potential problem areas until you get to the root cause. My suspicion is the motor electrics but just a suspicion. Good luck and keep us posted