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Pump up the volume!

Eric Robinson

New Member
I have a slight problem with my hearing and am finding both the indicator audio click sound and the beeping from the proximity sensors just too quiet. I’ve looked through the menus and handbook but can’t find any way to turn the volume up! Has anyone found a way to do this?


With everything these days software solutions looking for problems it would be logical to be able to adjust the sensitivity, tones front to back and volume of the proximity sensors in Settings ( - as per the competition.)
But no - it’s a dealer adjustment I’m afraid.
You can’t stop the triple indication when you change lanes either. (a driving preference; my wife likes it, I don’t)
A niggle. Perhaps it will be changed in some software upgrade or facelift !
I had the sensitivity and volume of the proximity sensors adjusted; volume not much better and now the sensors are too sensitive.
I now ignore the various beeps when I am parking or putting the car away and have gone back to using the mirrors!