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Pop Up Roof Failure - Drive Away Alarm/ Complete Fail


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My 2017 MP Sport pop up roof failed this weekend, after taking my son for our first trip together.
This was the sequence of events
  • Leisure battery fully charged (12.9 V)
  • Roof raised fine when first set up to camp
  • came back to van ready for bed (beds set up etc) and Westfalia console continuously beeped with Roof Up error
  • Roof would not lower in the normal way (battery voltage ok).
  • Switched on ignition, 2 tone beep was heard.
  • Locked van and came back 10 mins later - continuous beep still going.
  • Lowered the roof in the Emergency way, switch under the cooker and lowered bit by bit.
  • Alarm stopped sounding and no errors seen.
  • The next day I tried to roof again and immediately the alarm sounded again, so closed the roof.
  • Plugged the van into the mains, and the beep started again (with the Westfalia screen showing the plug)
  • The next day tried the roof (not plugged in and 12.5V) and it would not move.
I have tried to reset the Wesfalia controller using instructions from here - still no luck.

Please help.
Suggestions welcome, before the inevitable trip to Mercedes (but I really don't trust their experience in the Camper side).


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