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Our 2018 MP Sport V220D

Dan White

New Member
Hi all. Our first time at this camper van malarky and I thought we’d do it properly and get a Mercedes! It’s a 2018 V220d Sport model with just 8100 miles and one owner. It’s in ‘as new’ condition with the mattress and accessories still in their plastic wrapping and unused! It even still smells new, I had looked at a few and liked the look of the light leather colour seats but for practicality reasons (a jack russell, a four month old baby and a wife!) I decided to go with the dark grey/black leather and the darker yacht flooring. I had the van re-mapped after finding on the long drive home after collecting it from just outside London back to Cornwall, it was a little lacking if you wanted to overtake up a hill. With 200bhp now it makes a big difference! Having only owned the van for about 5 weeks and now with the county almost in lockdown we have yet to stay overnight in it but have used it most weekends to get away. Loving it so far, looking forward to many adventures in it! E3C9532F-735F-44B6-8FD6-3519639B3508.jpegDEEF67BE-DC2D-4C13-B63E-1C298DBC8438.jpegA1CB4601-0838-475E-A7AE-26D0D9BF8BAB.jpegB73FBD98-D679-4181-A176-638DFA88356F.jpeg