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Oil Top Up


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I am in France and likely need to top up my oil in my 2021 MP 220D. Does anyone know what brands/specifications I need. I have tried reading the manual but it’s not very clear.
Many thanks


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A 30 second google search shows SAE 5W 30.
Mobil is the approved brand but any branded make will be ok.
If you are in any doubt use the satnav to locate the nearest Merc dealer to your location and buy from them. French for it is huile motour.
Out of interest how many miles has your MP done. Mine has never needed a top up between services. You’re far more likely to need to top up the Adblue.


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I agree with @Blackrat - I never needed to top up oils in 3 years (albeit some of that was lockdown)
Just make sure you are buying synthetic and not mineral oil, e.g. Mobil 1


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Thanks very much both. I was just concerned as looking at the oil gauge it’s only slightly above the minimum level. I have done 10,000 miles since getting the MP on Nov so it’s getting well used. I also have already had to top up Ad blue as the warning message came up for that too. Thanks again


Mercedes are very good at supplying new MPs with the oil level just on the minimum. Ours was like that when we got it last July. It hasn’t moved in 8k miles.