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No gas coming out of the burner, issues finding available mechanics/installers


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I have had my 2017 Marco Polo for 5 months and until last week the gas burners were working. They have now stopped, not clear why, and I don't think its 'user error' as I checked that both the valve at the back on the regulator and the the one in the cupboard to the right of the fridge are both open. I have checked the bottle which was about 10% empty, replaced it with one which was 75% full and gas is still not coming through despite holding the knob down on the hob in the 'full gas' position for a long time and clicking the spark button on either ring both of which spark well; there appears to be no gas coming through.

Are there any other valves apart from the one of the regulator and the one beside the sink which might be causing the problem? I am assuming for the moment it might be the regulator valve failing? Any suggestions would be welcome?

My fridge is also not working, running at -20C, needs the thermostat replacement, and although the van is covered by a non-Mercedes warranty I can't find anyone to do the work. Tried multiple mobile van mechanics locally, they are either too busy to even specify a date or quoting September at the earliest. I have just ordered a thermostat from Germany following suggestions on this forum, my local Mercedes Commercial dealership (Rygor, Westbury) says Mercedes have none available. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I could find an installer to help, I live just south of Bath? Will do the work myself if I can't find anyone despite the warranty cover.




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Having looked at the problem again today, the gas now appears to be working although appears a little anaemic, not sure what caused the gas not to run through the hob. The only thing I did was repositioned the bottle in the well? Still suspect the regulator valve isn't working that well?

Any suggestions on installers/mechanics for fridge repairs close to Bath would be welcome?