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Night heater


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We have decided to get a MP and wondered if there is an easy way to check that it comes with the optional Night Heater. It seems a little confusing and all the dealers really don't seem to know. From what I can see the heater is approx £2k as an extra but I think there is a fitted one that works for just a limited time too. I have read back at one of the detailed threads on here about heaters, but I just wanted to check what to look for on the 2019 models. Is it something I can easily see in the vehicle and check? If anyone also has any buying tips for new-ish Marco Polo campers this would be a big help. Thank you.


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Search auxiliary air / water heater and you will find a long thread with plenty of explanation of the air and water heater options.
The water heater is unfortunate and confusing terminology by Mercedes. It is an engine coolant preheater that can be operated on a timer function so that the cabin is heated through the normal heating system.
Anyone who has started a diesel in minus 20 degrees will appreciate the benefit of a coolant heater. In the good (bad) old days drivers used a small paraffin heater under the sump to help turn the engine over in the morning. It is surprising there were not more vehicle fires!
You don’t say if you plan to buy new or S/H
As far as I know, the new facelift model (UK) now comes with the air heater as standard.


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Thanks for this info. I think we will be looking at a seconhand model but 2019 version with just a few miles. - Unless MB do an amazing deal soon on new ones :)
Yes i did wonder if the 2019 facelift model has a night heater, and on looking in the current brochure this is standard and listed as 'Diesel-powered auxiliary night air heater'. If i understand correctly the earlier ones didn't have this as standard hence the 2k extra. As for hot water, I guess a kettle works quite well. Thank you.