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Moving rear seats


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My rear seats are very stiff to slide back and forward - almost need 2 people. Is this normal?
I don't think this is quite right. Mine are heavy, but easy enough to slide.
Perhaps try to pull the lever up with your left hand but use the metal handhold (drawer front) to do the actual pulling or pushing??


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Thanks SteveR and SteveB
Have used SteveR’s suggestion
Your replies give me more ammunition when talking to MB who have not been very helpful over this issue
Do either of you use any sort of lubrication on the runners?


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Mine is the same, hard to move one person alone. I have to move mine, sitting in the seats and pushing

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mine is impossible with one person and very difficult with two people. I have to have to second keratin pushing from the tail gate.


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Mine is fairly stiff, I'm quite strong no boasting!!
so can see why it's a struggle. I've thoroughly cleaned out the runners but I might try WD40 to see if that might help the seat slide better.
Be careful if you place your knees / legs against the front of the seat as the previous owner had on mine.
You'll damage or be pushing against the seat buttons.
Finally got mine to stay in place after becoming loose.
As others have said, make sure you grip the metal bar, it will stop you pushing with your legs.


Are you sure you are pulling the lever up all the way? My seat is stiff if you don’t pull the lever right up. It almost seems to have two positions and has a tendency to stop half way if you don’t pull hard.


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Same - the bench seat is stiff. When moving it, I sit on it whilst pulling the lever and using my legs to evenly pull or push. It’s quite a complicated mechanism in those rails. The bench is VERY heavy. I know as I am due to remove the bench through the side door.


I hoover out the rails with a crevice tool and use white lithium spray grease on each side of the rail approximately every six months.