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Mercedes Stockport a comedy of errors


Last November found that my fridge was freezing on every setting again!
After much discussion Mercedes Stockport agreed it was their problem. Took in and they allegedly fixed it, in doing so they severed the wiring to the led strip light

After bringing home and finding no fridge and no light had a rant and they agreed to fit a new fridge.
After 2 months wait for it to come from Germany it was fitted and the led lights repaired. Got it home and everything worked!!

COVID and lockdown they stopped me going on any trips until last week, so away we went

Come bedtime closed the blinds and to my surprise the one over the fridge was silver! Bearing in mind we’d had a few vinos it wasn’t till it wouldn’t hook down it dawned on me they must have removed the cassette and refitted it backwards

It’s a 120 mile round trip for me to Stockport and I’ve done it 4 times
Does anyone know how to remove the blinds cassette?


VIP Member
I would take it in to your local dealership and get them to fix it and give Stockport the bill , make sure you confirm it with them before starting work lol , or ask for fuel back as it’s there mistake