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Mercedes Benz Reading - Highly Recommended!


New Member
Hi All,

If anyone is looking to purchase a Marco Polo, I suggest contacting Mercedes Reading.

Having experienced terrible service from several other dealers (as have many) when attempting to purchase a MP, the service provided by Mercedes Reading restored my faith and I have just placed an order for a facelift 300d AMG Line with them.

They replied to my questions promptly and they were keen to get my business. They even have a 'Marco Polo Ambassador' who has extensive knowledge with the MP and has given me lots of technical information which has helped when choosing my spec. I have also been assured of a proper handover which will show me all functions etc.

Whilst they're not local to me, their service made it an easy choice for me to place my order and I can't wait to finally collect!


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Wow, that's a rare thing indeed - my recent hand over went along the lines of " the thing in the middle is the CD player so I wont explain that" (central control panel no less)!!!! The fuse had not been replaced from storage so the rear electrics never worked and the specialist trained merc man came in his merc van to try and sort and failed and gave up after two hours. So I find dealers to be so totally inept that it stagers the mind

Still love my van but had to figure it out via this web sight etc.... Poor show by Merc though