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Mercedes Benz Dartford


New Member
Since taking delivery of our Marco Polo in July from MB Loughborough we've had cause to use Dartford MB for missing items and the almost inevitable roof blisters. The service from both the parts department and service/warranty department have been first class.
Well done Dartford!


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We are having a slightly more bumpy experience with MB Dartford to say the least. We have had our car with them for 4 of the last 6 months. They have been working on a rear tailgate strut issue, as well as roof issues. Struggled with feedback and info at points, had damage done to our vehicle from door dings and scratches ..... and had a pretty challenging experience so far. We have one shinning light in "Jordan" who seems to be super nice and sympathetic, but when the dealer and all its staff seem to know you by a first name basis, i think i have been there far to long.


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Bearing in mind how much the road fund licence is, have you SORNed the vehicle while it has been with MB?