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Mattress for Horizon


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Hello all, I hope you are well.

I've just purchased a 2019 Horizon and read about Ikea mattresses on the forum. I had a look and ordered this:

It came today and i have fitted it and it fits a treat. Corners a tiny bit squashed at the boot end, but definitely worth the money.

Also its hinged for a sofa bed, so should roll up to the boot. I will take photos and report back once i have explored more!

After delivery you have to leave it to resume its shape for 72 hours.


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I use an IKEA mattress topper (Sultan Tarsta) for the lower bed on our Marco Polo, mainly because we already had it in the house.
It‘s the same thickness as the upper mattress, a few centimetres narrower and very comfortable.
Provided you are careful, it can be stored up top in the upper bed without causing problems closing the roof and this frees up storage in the back.
We also have a Duvalay. My wife prefers to sleep downstairs with this with me up top snoring at a distance.
I have been trying to wean her off the Duvalay because it takes up too much space when travelling. However,, this has to be weighed against the consequences of a wife having a bad night‘s sleep........
Life is full of compromises!
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