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Marco Polo Westfalia


New Member
Hi Fellow Marco Polo Owners

Any tips or suggestions re a Westfalia greatly appreciate. Just got our van & we’re clueless


Active Member
Hi, welcome to the forum and to the world of Marco Polo ownership.
You will find this forum to be a source of good information.
I do think though that your question is a bit too vague. What exactly are you struggling with?
Probably be best to go away in it armed with your user manual. Then if you have any specific problems there will be plenty of people happy to advise.
Good luck and enjoy.

Steve B

Active Member
Welcome; agree with Blackrat - try the search function and you'll find most questions will be answered or covered here. For example, there are many threads on 'what kit to buy', links to a series of great videos on the roof, water, solar.