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Leisure battery or starter battery



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We have a 1year old Marco Polo , the control panel showed 5.7 volts yesterday,so non of the camper electrics worked, no roof ,no fridge etc.I looked at the battery under the passenger seat and it is a "starter battery" I've always believed that in a camper ,caravan ,motor home,the battery that runs the interior fridge ,lights etc. Should be a "leisure battery "which I understand is different to a starter battery,so does anyone have any ideas why MBhave fitted 2starter batteries in the Marco Polo or is it just mine?


As far as I know both batteries are identical and have the same ampage. The charging unit does both batteries.I've plugged my MP into the mains once or twice a week to keep the batteries topped up. I've not driven it for months and there are no issues.


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Usually there is a big difference between starter batteries and leisure batteries - but no to look at. A starter battery is designed to provide a high current for a short period, such as running the starter motor for a few seconds. The leisure battery is designed to provide low current for a long period such as running LED lights or the fridge. This means that the electrical characteristics of the batteries are very different.