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Hi All - New member Marco Polo piano


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We are a family of 4 (with two boys 4 and 6 years) travelling in a MP Viano 2013. We love the car for it's flexibility, functionality and my sons after spending two weeks in Denmark constantly ask when we will go camping again. Sorry if my English is a bit rusty - we are from Poland.
Viano based Mp are not so popular here (more v-klass based can be spotted).
We are a second owner of our MP and it is in pretty good shape.
It does have some small strange issues like irritating lamp above kitchen switching on and off randomly or the rear bench not getting to totally horizontal position. I will be taking it to the dealers next week but if you have already encountered and fixed that I would appreciate a hint.
I alsi noticed that the ventilation fan changes its speed and voltage on a console is not constans - have you had such problems?

Anyway we are looking forward to more trips with our MP


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I don’t know about the viano but the new V-Class version when the fan is set to auto goes mental when it’s hot and the air conditioning is on.


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Is there a switch on Viano? For sure I know there is one in the vklass based MP and was looking for one but could not find it. Anyone can make a picture please.