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Hello from North Wales


New Member
Evening all, new member on here so thought I'd say hi....

Came across this forum whilst looking for MP's for sale. Glad I did as with all forums there seems to be a wealth of useful knowledge on here from current owners.

Actively looking for an MP think I've decided on a 250d AMG. As always considered others briefly but for me the MP just seems right. I own an SLK 250 CDi which to all intents and purposes is a very similar/same engine which is one of the major reasons for choice as it is just such a damn good engine.

Hired a VW California some years back it was only just over a year old and I was surprised at how very used it looked and I am a long term VW nut.....

No great rush to buy, but I look forward to posting on here of my Marco Polo some time in the future;)

Steve B

Active Member
Hello & Welcome - I think patience is a benefit at the moment as it seems there is limited supply. I hope you find one in time for this season