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Extra Guest

Steve B

Active Member
Here's me reading with interest about van/awning configurations to accommodate dogs, some in the van, some outside, but as we don't have dogs it's not that relevant. I didn't realise until last weekend we had an extra guest animal living in our MP; a mouse in the engine bay. Its gone now but had made a small nest in the insulation material on the right side of the engine bay, near the hinge. So, very cost effective; no awning needed, lives in a different area to the main cabin and finds its own food! Not that friendly though......


Good story :D :D
Consider yourself lucky your little guest didn't start nibbling at the MP's electrical wires and disabling the van. Happens very often.


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Yes, a sobering thought!
If laying up for the winter under cover, it is a good idea to keep the bonnet up, the surrounding area clean and inspect regularly for signs of unwelcome visitors.