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Evening all....


New Member
Hi all,

Relatively new to Marco Polo-ing and very happy with our 2018 220 bought a month or two ago having sold a couple of classic vehicles and the main family car to fund it.

Although experienced with camping having done a fair bit of touring on classic scooters, I'm getting too old and achy for tents, so used this website extensively prior to purchase of something a little more refined!

It has been extremely helpful, especially the links to Marky Mark videos once we purchased, so thanks to all!!

Had a couple of short trips away and a few more planned, so maybe see you on the road some where :)

Cheers Rich2C7983A2-23D6-4EEF-9727-BD3F9AA49F31.jpeg.jpg

Steve B

Active Member
Hello & Welcome Rich, hope you enjoy your MP. This forum tends to discuss issues, but the positives by far outweigh the negatives.


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Welcome Rich - good colour choice that! I'm sure you'll enjoy your trips away