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Engine oil


New Member
Good morning,
Every so often, get a warning on the dashboard saying check engine oil, reduce engine oil level, i have checked the oil and it is spot on, not had to put any engine oil in since we bought new last June??

Any ideas, bit difficult to ring Merc main dealer who we bought it off.


New Member
Had same problem last year. Took it to a dealer on holiday and they reduced oil level slightly then fine until last
week when it came on after a few miles. Apparantly it could be a sensor issue. Will return it to dealer if it comes on again.


Had similar issue last year , called AA found nothing wrong , when l got home l put a thin plastic pipe on a syringe and sucked of less than half egg up oil , then all fine, l think the sensors must be very sensitive


Mine did it straight after a service, took back and they sorted it.
Still does it now and again

Apparently it can be a problem with that engine right across the merc range


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I think this started happening after Mercedes updated the firmware to properly restrict the emissions. It started on ours after the dealer upgraded the firmware and is intermittent now - annoying!


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I’ve had the same symptom - Warning advising too much oil - when dipstick clearly shows there not to be.

Dealership have changed the sensor for me and we are monitoring