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Dorset Meet September 27th-28th


HIGHLANDS END 27TH – 29TH September 2019
Dear Forum Members

We are pleased to announce we are holding another combined meet with the VW California Club at Highlands End.

Last year we had a great turn out from MP owners and it would be great to improve on this !

Highlands End in Dorset have a camping area called South Rye Acres which is kept for tents and campervans up to VW size. Every pitch has it’s own area and has an EHU. They are all on grass and are located right at the end of the site nearest the path to Bridport. That part of the site is closed to the public from 9th of September this year. It is because it is sometimes too windy for tents, but we thought, still OK for Calis. There are around 40 pitches there and we can have the whole area to ourselves. We discussed the price and they are offering 2 nights at mid-season rates of £52.30 which is for up to 4 adults and a dog.

As the area is not open to the public it can not be booked via the web and will have to be arranged on the phone by ringing Bookings 01308 426947 and saying you are with the VW California/Marco Polo Club Rally and you would like a pitch on the Camping field at South Rye Acres.

Most of the pitches are pretty level, but levelling ramps might be useful on some of them. The views from the end pitches and the sunsets are amazing.

The rest of the site is open, so if people want to stay on the pitches we have used in the past and pay the going rate, that is also an option.

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I would love to come but way to far for us as we live in the northeast, would love to see more Marco Polos but don’t fancy been on a site with loads of California’s too


I would love to come but way to far for us as we live in the northeast, would love to see more Marco Polos but don’t fancy been on a site with loads of California’s too
It worked really well last time, we all have something in common and we all enjoyed looking over each others vans. Hopefully some of the MPs that came last time can vouch for this

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Steve B

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Pity about the wet & windy weather, the grass area booked just wasn't safe as it had no shelter so everyone split up and found the best hard pitch they could. Awnings were risky and Saturday night was spend in the van sheltering. That said, met a few people between showers and we spent the best of the weather Saturday afternoon in West Bay, which we really enjoyed. Saturday night gales certainly got you used to your MP.


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Gutted the weather was so bad. We could have only get there for Saturday afternoon and wouldn't have seen any reasonable weather.
Is anyone going to NEC on the Saturday?
By the way, thank you to the organisers, and hope to join you another time.


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A single organised drink and chat would have been nice. We tend to tour during the day and spend minimal time hooked up so knowing there was a meet up would have got us back on site.

Glenn Tayler

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Great to meet you all at the Dorset Meet. we had a great time. Sod the weather. Got lots of good advice. Thanks. Getting some candelabras.


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