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Club Shop - Launch.


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Hi Folks, as many of you know we’ve been building the Mercedes Marco Polo Club Shop in the background for a couple of months now. We’re finally ready to launch the shop and have many products from some of the leading campervan and leisure suppliers. The likes of Bandrup, Outwell, Vango and Thule and some smaller bespoke suppliers like Zonesleep and Comfortz Leisure.

Throughout early 2018 we’ll be adding to the range extensively and tailoring it specifically to Marco Polo Owners. So any interesting products you see please feed these through to us and we’ll see what we can do. In addition to this we’re extending our Campervan Accessories Shop in Chesterfield to incorporate the Marco Polo products early 2018. You’ll be able to come and see us and the products for yourselves.

To celebrate the launch we’ll be offering 10% discount off all Brandrup products purchased on pre order until the end of January using the following discount code - BRANDRUP10
As the site is in its infancy we’d appreciate your support by reporting any issues / bugs back on this thread and we’ll get them addressed ASAP – We thank you for your continued support and hope you all have a fab Christmas break and a Very Happy New Year.

Finally – a slight apology with regards to product images as most suppliers of products have VW campers in their marketing material – So feel free to send us any pictures of the products in action and we’ll update the website the more Marco Polo pictures :Thumbs up:

You can find the link to the Club Shop Permanently at the top left of the forum website - or follow this link


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Trying to order a Brandrup Ixtend but website says the discount coupon has expired??


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I ordered a Brandrup Ixtend mattress on 17th Jan but not received it yet.I emailed last week for tracking details but have not had a reply.I called the phone number on the invoice today but there was no answer ???


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Called again today but no reply,just rings and rings.Does anyone know if the shop is still operating?

John W

I may be going daft but I can’t see the link to the shop at the top left of the forum page? Help?