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Central control unit down arrow not working


New Member
Hi All,
I have a 2018 MP v220 which I had and enjoyed for 3 years now. Has anyone had experience or issues with the central control unit down arrow not working? As I can turn the Fridge on to max and raise the roof but I'm now no longer able to turn the fridge down or off and more importantly lower the roof! The fridge isn't too much of an issue as I can just pull out the desired fuse. For the roof however, I'm in a bit of a predicament as using the manual method of pressing the emergency operation button still requires using the central control arrows to lower. Also I definitely have the windows open and the ignition at the correct position in order to operate.
I'm assuming the central control unit is the issue and may need fixing or replacing, does anyone have experience similar to this or advice? Also is there a genuinely manual method to lower the roof?

Steve B

Active Member
This is the second control unit issue in a couple of weeks on older current model MP's. Can't help with any of the questions as to date my roof & fridge have been OK.