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My wine rack is empty so we’re off across the channel.... anybody have a recommendation for a small, quiet campsite near Dijon or Beaune, or somewhere along the Route des Grand Crus? Or failing that a charming hotel or B&B...


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We have always used google maps to find campsites in areas we have not been to. There are loads in that region the municipal sites are usually very well located, not always the plushest but there are lots of options. Zoom in on that area and search “campsite” you can view pictures and get a fairly decent idea of what to expect.

I’m sure you’ll get loads of recommendations, this is still a good way to check out the site hasn’t fallen apart in the last 12 months.


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If you have not already been away to Burgundy, we have found that the ACSI organisation has been good at helping us find a good campsite when in Europe esp. France. For a small annual fee you get a campsite finder book(s) and off season discounts. Depends how often and when you able to travel I guess........


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Ah thanks, yes we have an ACSI card. In the end we stayed on the edge of Beaune in a pretty good site called Les Cent Vignes.