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Broken MP Windscreen?


New Member
Hi All, on returning from an enjoyable week in South Wales where we much appreciated the absence of potholes compared to Hampshire, I was dismayed to receive (at great velocity) a stone from a passing car on the M4 Basingstoke exit. Huge crack instantly formed from RHS of screen. So, have booked a replacement windscreen, but wondered about how the company deal with the aerodynamic fairing across the top of the windscreen. Do they have to remove it first or can they work "underneath" it? Anyone had experience with this issue? I am just a little concerned that this will catch them out once I get to their repair centre.

Steve B

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I think this is the first post on windscreen replacement, so will be interested in the outcome. I know that doesn't help but this forum is becoming a good database of fault and issues solutions.


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I had to have the screen replaced on my MP for the same reason, a stone chip that developed into a crack.
I contacted Autoglass via the insurance company.
I had to take it to their fitting centre rather than it being done at home, purely for them to be able to calibrate the sensors within the screen.
Other than that there were no issues at all and it was done within an hour or so.