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Brandrup Utilities (or an alternative) for Silk Beige Interior


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As my delivery date approaches (less than a month to go now ) I have been researching and buying things to go in my MP.

Despite the eye watering cost I really like the look of the Brandrup Utilities (the things that attach to the back of the drivers and passengers seats with lots of useful pockets). It seems a great way of adding useful storage (including a practically located and well concealed bin) without lowering the tone of the luxury interior.

However my interior will be the silk beige and I’m really disappointed they only make them in black.

Has anyone with the silk beige interior tried the black ones and if so how do they look? Or perhaps the VW “moonstone” equivalent - are they a better match, do they fit to MP seats? Or some similar storage perhaps that isn’t Brandrup?



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I have a 2009 Marco and in the same boat. Campervantastic can supply in Black but with the Grey interior it doesn’t work.
Good luck

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