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Berger Drive away awning



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Are you traveling with your Marco Polo and looking for an awning that gives you maximum flexibility at your holiday destination?
The Liberta-L bus awning is an inflatable and free-standing awning with crossed poles for vehicles with a gutter height of 170 - 210 cm.

The Awning is brand new purchased in Germany and is never used.
It is available at a cost of £500 Collection only from Northampton.

It has two entrances, one on the front wall and one on the right side wall.
The front entrance also has a mosquito screen that you can close if necessary to protect yourself from unwanted insects.
The clear film windows offer you a light-flooded awning during the day and can also be closed opaque from the inside during the day or at night if necessary.
In addition, this awning has a power cable feed-through so that you no longer have to leave the entrance door open.
For attachment to the vehicle, there is a hemstitch for the lock rod on the connecting lock.
The back wall of the tent can be rolled away (with a zip) and includes a windbreak.

Other extras:
- taped seams
Sewn-in tent floor
- Reinforced storm guying in the entrance area
-double covered zippers

The sleeping cabin is also available at a cost of £50 if required.


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