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Auxiliary battery life


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Only had the van a week, not been on a road trip yet. I am concerned that the auxiliary battery shows only one bar of power in the mornings. When driven for a few minutes it re-charges to all bars. Nothing is running. Is this normal? I would have thought it would hold charge for longer. What do others do?


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Hi Alex D Others should be able to confirm but it doesn’t feel right. I was without hook up for three days this summer (two nights) with the fridge on 3 and a couple of lights on for an hour or two at night and the battery was about half full. I don’t have a solar panel.
Dealers often let the auxiliary battery go flat by not connecting the hook up cable resulting in battery damage. If you have just bought it, see if you can squeeze them for a new battery.


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Usually first thing in the morning just the lowest bar and highest bar of aux battery charge are illuminated whilst the maintainer is working out how much charge is in the battery.Once it does this then on mine more bars are displayed.Are you sure it’s not this that is happening.

Steve B

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Agree with WillH, mine often just shows small bar and largest bar together. I've go no issues with mine (or didn't when i last used it!)


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If you turn on a device and there is a current of at least 0.5 A, the charge status of the additional battery is shown. One bar represents 10%.

If only the first and last bars are shown, the charge status cannot be determined. This happens after charging or after a very minimal working load for the battery (lower than 0.5 A).