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2008 W639 Marco Polo upgrades help


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Hi fellow MP'ers

There are a few things I would like to upgrade in my 2008 which I would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions &/or experiences:
1. How difficult would it be to be to retro-fit electrically heated seats in the front?
2. I really want to swap over my fridge unit and hob/sink as I'd prefer to have the option to cook with the sliding door open. Seems easy enough as long as I get a professional to extend the gas tubing.
3. Has anyone retro-fitted a sunroof into the popup roof above the driver?
4. I've seen solar kits specific for the MP but they cost north of £600 whereas all component parts only come to about £200.
5. Anyone know simple way to have a UK 13amp outlet socket installed in the MP for when it's plugged into a power supply as it's all 12v otherwise?

Has anyone done any of the above? Is there anything I should be wary of? All advice welcomed



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These guys might help I haven’t used them, I don’t know anyone who has but apparently they specialise in retro fitting MBs it might be worth giving them a call, they were mentioned in a thread about retro fitting the folding table to a horizon.


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Depending on what type of seats you have you might try the Mercedes Forum (e.g. seats). where there are several refences to seat heating for vans and cars, including a link to a company called Fastfit. Their site has a video showing what is involved In removing upholstery and fitting heating pads.
There is a useful thread on this forum “upcoming solar install” with a contributor from Solar Camper Solutions.
Probably stating the obvious but make sure to include a 30mA RCD if you are doing a modification involving a mains hook up. Also, it’s not unknown for some (continental) sites to have mains polarity (live and neutral) reversed. Therefore worthwhile keeping a 13amp socket tester to hand when travelling.
Good luck!
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