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Hi guys, has anyone bought the Thule side awning & if so are you happy with how effective it is?
Has anyone else experienced the battery problem & what did you do to prevent this happening again ?
Trickle down charger? Any help would be appreciated
Hi all, having only had our MP for a few months, we were shocked to find that the battery was dead. Tried jump leads etc but had to call out Mercedes RAC who said that we had to have a new one!!
He also said that we have to drive it for at least 20 minutes every 2 weeks & because we hadn’t, it wasn’t covered by the warranty!
We were never told anything about this at the time of purchase & so were both shocked.
Could you let me know views on the pullout awning and brand & hope this isn't a dumb question ( might be!) I want to buy a drive away awning but images show VW which has sliding door on other side VangaCove says that you will always be facing the view - does that mean there is the potential to attach it on both sides? Is there any thing extra I should be checking out on awnings for MP compared to VW
hi just wondering if anyone can help me ,picking my new marco polo up this saturday ,have had to do the mercedes 7 day free insurance as struggling to get cover , anyone had the same problem or can point me in the right direction as to who to contact for a good deal ,any help would be much great thank you
Hi I used Quote me Happy (Aviva) around £250 fully comprehensive
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i used Adrain Flux.. they were more expensive that £250 but they covered things like drive away awnings,
I just found a camping store 15 minutes from home in the Province of Padova in NE Italy's Veneto Region (not far from Venice); nice old school kind of place with everything. Picked up an external electric hook up, the butane gas bottle (filled) as well as a mattress topper and other bits and pieces. Very user friendly:
Beautiful area. Travelled it once in an old beat up Peugeot sedan and a leaky pop up tent. I’m it’ll be extremely comfortable in the Marco Polo. Enjoy!,,
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We take the mattress from the top drop down bed. Bit awkward to put it place but saves on space taken up by a mattress topper.
We’ve just bought a 250 sport, collect it Saturday! Does everyone use the bed at the top or bottom? Don’t know whether to buy a topper for the bottom?
Hi All just joined the forumGreat vehicle just bought a V250 A.M.G in silver From Weybridge have owned one previously brilliant vehicle!!
Hi everyone, Just had confirmation my van goes in on 20th March for a new roof under warranty , They told me it will take 7 to 10 days
I bumped into someone today at the petrol station with a 2018 Marco Polo. He had to have the roof replaced on his under warranty as well. Is there a problem with the roof?
I wondered if anyone had any thought before I go to MB
Yes we have the same!! I've been meaning to post on the forum about it. We haven't been to MB yet but are going to do so. Not sure how these profile posts work so will post in Technical as well.
just washed my Marco Polo and noticed the roof is covered with lots of little blisters under the paint.
Hi Colin, have you tried Worth getting a base line idea on a price from these guys. Also I can put you in touch with a good guy at Mercedes Benz of Salisbury, which is where we ordered ours from. Pleased with the service so far and also the deal I got, and possibly not too far from you.
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Colin Hollywood
Colin Hollywood
Thanks for the suggestion... I will do that. I have already been in contact with MB at Salisbury and wasn't too impressed... their so called trained "expert" in the MP didn't know much at all and also were not interested in discounts as they "sold more MPs than the rest of the south of England"!
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thanks for that .If I go over 6 metres the ferry costs increase, so looking to stay under 6 metres.
Carol, I have the Mercedes 3 bike carrier for tow bar (actually an Atera). It is definitely less than 6m overall.
BTW, my parents lived in Colchester for 50 years. I left at 18 to go to university and never returned (except for visits of course!)
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