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Positive roof experience - Lookers Mercedes Crawley


New Member
I've just had a very good experience of the roof issue with Lookers Mercedes in Crawley that may be worth sharing - I know this site was invaluable when I needed to research the issue!!

Bought a used low mileage 2018 MP from them in Oct 22, out of main warranty but covered by Merc 1 year used car warranty. No blisters when bought but asked for warranty history and saw it had been repainted twice before.....not a good sign, but I wanted a decent MP and was happy to pay the slightly higher price for main dealer support!!

Couple months later after the Jan 2023 frosts/snow, lots of blisters emerged so contacted them and dealt directly with their servicing dept. Had an inspection at the dealer later that month, they confirmed in Feb it would be covered and subsequently fitted new roof this week.

They admit themselves they are by no means MP experts, but they have dealt with the issue professionally and efficiently whilst keeping me updated throughout. Will see what the next frost brings but hopefully sorted and they confirmed I had a two year warranty on the replacement roof so no major drama. Just over a two month process start to finish so very pleased with their service!