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New kid on the block


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Hi there!
At first, I was just looking for an old van like T5... but prices were a bit crazy.
I never was a van life type of guy, and after a lot of searching, I didn't found anything that was really cool.
So, I went to the dealer dealership and in a blink of an yey, I've "took" the last MP available.
My choice of a non "fully equiped" MP was the right one, because I'm using it as my main vehicle and pretty happy so far!
I've did about 9000km since the 1st June :p
It's a 250d 4matic.

I'm not regretting at all my 2019 E class.


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Welcome! Next time though, don't take the train with the MP through the mountains. DRIVE over them and the Furka Pass, etc! You won't regret it. ;-)