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Marco Polo power problems


Phil Melville

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I am currently sitting in my 2021 Marco Polo on a campsite in Croyde, Devon. For the 4th time since we bought the vehicle brand new from a main Mercedes dealer, the main battery has “ died “ without warning leaving the vehicle useless in every way. Mercedes 24 hour Service ( always great response and service ) are on their way from Taunton to get us underway and hopefully on our way home. The vehicle has been in two main dealers to have the fault examined and sorted but despite assurances the problem is still with us. Up to now every Mercedes employee who has been involved has had zero knowledge or experience of the Marco Polo vehicle making me wonder why it is sold in the UK.
is this a common problem ?

Steve B

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Sorry to hear this, hope you are sorted now. I've not had any issues with my 2019 variant, still on original batteries for starter and leisure.
No battery issues here I'm a 21MY But I'm sure I read somewhere that somebody had a similar problem. And basically it was due to them not switching the interior lights off when the side door was open. Not the "camping" lights but the "car" lights that run off the starter.


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Lots of systems use the main battery this includes the radio, lights and I also believe most of the interior lights… I always turn off the lighting in vehicle settings and on the overhead console and we use a smart speaker… a legacy of years gone buy in a Vito… you may well have a issue that needs fixing, but it’s hard to tell without seeing how you are using the power and how long the van is left without a run. It doesn’t take long to flatten a battery when a inverter is connected, I killed my V280 battery charging 2 camera batteries and since then I carry jump leads.


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I once flattened the car battery when I accidentally left a portable fridge on overnight.
Since then I have always carried a portable power pack. It takes up no space and saves having to find a donor vehicle for jump leads.