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Maintenance - B service + extras


David Fearon

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2018 MP (normal one not the AMG) with <24000 miles. Vehicle computer told me it needs a B Service. Just had a surprisingly large quote for the service and also including an expensive dust filter, brake fluid change, and a really expensive gearbox oil and filter change that MB says needs to be done now as its an automatic and then not for 120km (so why now?). I think its already had a B service before I owned it but I might be wrong. I can't find a maintenance schedule so am wondering is somebody has one or can advise on the schedule (when are A and B services due) and the need for brake fluid change and gear box oil and filter change (does it have a filter?).

Any urgent help welcome as it's due to be done on Monday! They only sent the quote today having promised it weeks ago.

Have just also noticed that the quote refers to it as AMG when it isn't. Would this make a difference?

Steve B

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I'm not an expert but just had my B service. If your MP has been serviced in line with the warranty the details should be on the MB database, unless no service or through a garage that doesn't have access. It is the gearbox that adds the cost on as you say, but to keep the extended warranty intact and hopefully lowering the risk of a breakdown, I had it done as per the schedule. I didn't go through the dealers and got a better price that way, you can find MB specialist garages with correct database & software online. I don't think it makes much difference between AMG and sport and there is a time or mileage factor, yours being five years old and low mileage suggests that any previous service would be an A. Mine was four years old with 33k miles when I had the B service.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Service intervals are two years. I doubt that AMG makes a difference although it does beg the question how/where MB get that info and if the actual service record is for your MP or some other AMG - it might be worth asking to see the records and verify all this yourself.. Brake fluid is changed on every service - every two years - not unusual with vehicles these days.. our June 18 MP was B serviced a year ago with 10k miles..


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There is definitely confusion over services. I have an AMG Line version from June 2021 (16,800 miles) which will be due for its first service.
Occasionally the dashboard says service overdue, the rest of the time it agrees with the app which suggests april this year for the service. Not sure how it comes by either recommendation but I shall book soon ready for several trips this year.