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Gas bottle


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Hello everybody :) Today I picked up my first MP and honestly i don’t know why i didn’t got one years ago. However, I am still new to this and I would like to ask you what kind of gas bottle do you use? I would prefer a bottle which i can refill instead of single use bottles. I would appreciate any suggestions of brand and model of the gas bottles and which is the best.


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No options for the gas bottle, it’s a Camping Gaz 907.
Download the Mercedes Guide on line guide for the Marco Polo. Lots of bedtime reading !
Happy travels and camping.


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The gas bottle is stowed in a vented compartment in the rear Near side corner of the boot.
There will be a regulator attached to a hose that you connect to the gas bottle.
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Is it possible to fit a regulator with a gauge to indicate the amount of gas remaining in the bottle?


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I think you can take it out and weigh the bottle. There’s some smart calculation that’ll tell you percentage left of the gas.

Paul n Jo

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See the post from Samebutdifferent as that’s the only way you know by weighing it. Empty is 3.7kg and full is 6.2kg