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Electrical Fault with locking and back door


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I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and my Marco Polo has been sat on the drive whilst I was away. It is now doing very strange things and I am wondering if anyone else has come across and has a solution to these problems.

First of all, I am unable to unlock the tailgate using the key. I initially thought that there may be something stuck in the lock so I have climbed through the van and used the emergency release and the door has opened and there is no obstacle in the way. I've manually shut because the shut button on the bottom of the door wasn't lit up and didn't work. The door still won't open using the key.

Secondly, the door mirrors are not closing when I lock the van and the indicators aren't flashing.

Thirdly, as I am driving the van, it keeps beeping. (I think this might be something to do with the tailgate door but not sure?)

And last of all, I have this display below which makes me think there is an issue with the rear door.

I would be so grateful if someone can shed some light on this as I am going bonkers trying to sort it. Maybe I have just pushed a button somewhere??

Looking forward to lots of clever people, offering there advice and wisdom.

Lisa x


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The fat controller

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It sounds like a faulty sensor if it isn't what M7 has suggested.

Have you checked the van is locking when you think it is, as the signs are that the van thinks the boot is open and hence doesn't lock (no flash, mirrors not folding). If the van thinks the boot is open, it won't lock.