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Electric roof no longer working


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Hi, The electric roof got something stuck in it whilst lowering it. I managed to release this however the roof would not open or close afterwards. I managed to get the roof down with the emergency release but now it no longer will go up at all and also the emergency alarm comes on when driving it. Any suggestions other than booking into the service centre would be appreciated.


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Hi, did you ever get this resolved, I've been experiencing a similar problem and I'm searching for ideas. Thanks


The electric roof is actually a hydraulic system in my 2004 Viano Marco Polo.
I located the hydraulic pump and electric motor and noticed the reservoir was low of hydraulic fluid.
The root cause was the seals around the hydraulic cylinders which I found to be ridiculously expensive.
Mercedes-Benz dealership could not help me other than selling me an overpriced liter of hydraulic fluid. I cut open an access panel which allowed me to fill it and cleaned The cylinders when fully extended.
After one year I have not experienced any issues but suspect the problem happened when we were winter camping and it was very cold making the seals compress and a lot of leakage.
Extra pressure is needed to lift the roof if you keep the sleeping bed connected to the roof our practice is to always release it so that the roof raises with the least amount of effort.
I hope this helps you with your investigation good luck.
I have already posted some pictures on this forum which may help you.


Hi Mike, so far so good. By topping of the hydraulic fluid, no issues. The minor leaking is still there but not much. We were winter camping when it happened. -12C. The internal diesel heater works very well.
If you go the the rear panel at the back right side you will see(barely) the system. I followed the noise of the motor and pump. As I mentioned I cut an access panel instead of taking the whole panel off. My local dealer wasn’t even aware this was there.
Good luck.


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Hi, yes, I used the manual settings for emergency closing and the roof came down a little. It then worked fine, I think that the electric brain was confused as it thought it was closed when it wasn't actually closed fully.


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usei as configurações para fechamento de emergência e o teto desceu um pouco.

Como faz as configurações ?
O meu MP é de 200, teto é elétrico e tenho receio que um dia avarie e eu não posso fechar. Tenho uma chave, mas não sei onde se aplica. Alguem pode ajudar?
EmMuito obrigado


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