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Can’t decide on Horizon or full fat MP


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I’m looking at making a purchase of an MP. I’m a bigger guy(3xl) so worried about the bed width of the downstairs bench ( sleeping 2) . Although I like some of the fitments of the full fat version, can I still adapt the Horizon with some elements? Has anyone done this? If so, how have they adapted it ?

Steve B

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Hi - It is a bit tight in the lower bed, a friend of mine went for the Cali over an MP as there is a bit more width plus the fitments


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Much depends on sleeping and cooking needs and the luck you have had with the weather when away ( I can hardly remember back that far !)
My vehicle is a rain magnet so ability to cook or heat up a meal inside has proved a godsend.
I have used a partly extended awning to stop rain coming in the side door when open more than as a sunshade and I have a gas barbeque that has rattled its way on many trips and which is still waiting to be christened.
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