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What’s it like to get a brand new horizon in 2021


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Hi all
Took the horizon out for the first time the other night and thought I’d post a few things that I couldn’t find out before purchase.
No 1. It comes with mbux but not MBAC, I really like the infotainment and especially the CarPlay but very disappointed some basic add ons like remote locking and geolocation are paid extras.
No 2 lesuire batteries, it’s got an auxiliary battery, not sure if this for camping or for the stop start system. There appears to be no way to monitor it from the factory. Biggest negative so far.
No 3. Seats, I know others have reported differently but mine has no mounts for a middle row, the rails are there but can’t just buy seats and throw them in (if anyone knows of anyone who can install the mounts in the rails please let me know)
No4. Top bed is incredibly comfy, bottom bed is enormous.
No5. 3 kids car seats fit comfortably on the bottom bench. There are 3 isofix mounts.
No.6 mine came with vinyl type floors, which I’m very pleased about, think this is new to the refresh as I’ve seen older models with carpet.

No. 7 I couldn’t work out before i bought of it was keyless entry or start, it’s not which is a big plus
No. 8 awning is a Thule is black (that’s what i ordered! And has a grey canvas.

First impressions are excellent, it’s a premium place to be and drives like a dream, I went for the 220, if you can get the 300 I think it would be worth it, it’s no slouch but feel it would benefit at 60+.
Roof works great, but. Bottom bed needs topper for anyone who likes anything but the hardest of mattresses and lots of lumps!

I also recommend the 360 camera, its great.


Hope that helps others that are in the market.
Happy to be part of the community officially after a very long delivery time
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Ohh interesting thanks, you are correct our 18 model has carpet and we got a over carpet from some German seller on eBay… fits a treat. But it sounds like you have had much the same experience as we have. The downstairs bed is too hard for us, we got a self inflating mattress from Amazon all good now.

in the 18, All the runners in the floor have the fittings for another row of seats which hinder the flexibility and positioning of the rear seat. You either can’t move it all the way back or all the way forward depending on which position it is fitted. I am going to remove the redundant fittings when I can muster up the energy because that rear seat is really bloody heavy and it would take two to lift it out of the van. Sorry I’m not going to sell them..