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Thule Omnistor 4900 - installation question


New Member
Our Thule Omnistor 4900 arrived today and with it, the Fiamma F35pro/F45S mount for Marco Polo.

It is going onto our new Marco Polo Horizon. Quick question - the instructions say the need to drill a hole in the roof for the placement of a rivet nut (rivnut) 181 mm infront of the existing bolt holes under the raised roof. Does anyone know any reason why we can’t use the existing (most forward) bolt hole to attach the side awning / canopy? Is this placement specific to the Fiamma Awning attachment bolts or is this a weight ration / aero consideration?

It seems that to attach the Thule to the brackets, holes need to be drilled into the the awning housing aligned to the brackets. (I’m thinking of inserting rivnuts here too instead of the provided screws - to protect the canopy inside). Anyone have any thoughts on this

Does anyone have any good advice to putting a Thule Omnistor 4900 onto the Marco Polo? Tips greatly appreciated!